GBF Research

Previous and current research studies on black philanthropy lend valuable insights around the charitable landscape for black charities but tend to be either small or local in scale. By December 2017, The Give Black Foundation endeavors to have identified at least 80% of all charitable organizations in the U.S. with a primary focus on black communities, and to use this database as a springboard for conducting unprecedented large-scale research. In 2018, we will publish a major research report that shares our findings about giving habits and engagement from data collected as part of The Black Charity Finder effort. We will also conduct secondary surveys sent to organizations within our database, which measures other topics of interest within the black philanthropy arena.

The focus of this effort will be not only charities with a critical mass of black beneficiaries, but also on organized black philanthropy, which is a critical element of the black philanthropy tradition. Along those lines, we will also involve giving circles, family foundations, black sororities and fraternities and social clubs with service orientation, and other grant-makers with a heavy focus on black communities.