External Research

Black-Led Organizations in the Bay Area: From Crisis to Change (2015)

This report highlights the precarious state of many Black-led organizations (registered nonprofit organizations with Black staff and/or Board leadership) in the Bay Area, and proposes concrete solutions for sustaining these critical institutions.

The report – based on an online survey to which 71 Bay Area organizations responded and two focus groups of 20 nonprofit executives – identifies challenges similar to those of many nonprofits in many locations: limited financial resources, small staff, inadequate planning and marketing, and only basic program evaluation.

Unique, though, is the report’s recommendation that the solution for Black-led nonprofits is a multi-year, collective effort organized by the Bay Area Black United Fund to provide access to increased resources, advice, coaching, training, and succession planning for nonprofit leaders.

Diversity in Giving: The Changing Landscape of American Philanthropy (2015)

As the United States continues to grow and become more diverse, it’s more important than ever to consider whether the nonprofit playbook is due for an overhaul. Do current fundraising efforts have the cultural competency to reach all Americans who might support nonprofits?

Based on a survey of more than 1,000 U.S. donors, our first-ever Diversity in Giving study analyzes the differences in donor priorities, values, and habits across ethnic or racial subgroups. By understanding each group’s giving attitudes and preferences, this study serves as a strong foundation to guide your organization toward a more inclusive—and effective—fundraising approach.

Final State of the Work: Stories from the Movement to Advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (2015)

The Final State of the Work report catalogs the stories that tell of human impact and human struggle to create a more equitable philanthropy. Some of these stories are:

  • Rethinking Grantmaking: Using Data to Inform Investments The Meyer Memorial Trust uses data to achieve more equitable grantmaking
  • Engaging Diversity in a Once-Homogeneous City The Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque takes action to encourage inclusivity and celebrate diversity
  • Increasing Accessibility in the Arts The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council fosters greater access to arts and culture

Time, Talent and Treasure: A Study of Black Philanthropy (2004)

The Twenty-First Century Foundation (21CF) was a national foundation and public charity that makes grants to support community revitalization and youth education and development. The Foundation’s primary goals are to provide a resource for grantmaking to black community change organizations and to strengthen black philanthropy overall, by fostering strategic alliances among donors, grantees, and leaders.

Initiated in September 2002, the Black Foundation Initiative (BFI) is a multi-dimensional view of African American philanthropy in the twenty-first century. The study encompasses quantitative and qualitative information, taking a snapshot of the range of philanthropic support within the African American community, from individuals, associations, and foundations.