Black Philanthropy Month 2017: Giving Voice to Fuel Change

Black Philanthropy Month 2017: Giving Voice to Fuel Change

Dr. Jackie Copeland-­‐Carson, founder of Black Philanthropy Month and Pan African Women’s Philanthropy Network (PAWPNet) offers a litany of unjust events around the world and contends, “Black people are at a crossroads.” She further asserts, “This year we’ll celebrate our giving past while reviving Black giving as a collective movement for social change. Look for opportunities to join PAWPNet and support high-­‐impact projects that, with your support, can build a better future in this new period of injustice and struggle for our communities everywhere. Black giving matters!”

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What Solidarity Means Now

What now? That’s the question so many of us have been asking in the aftermath of our recent presidential election. So many of us share deep concerns about our President-Elect, the values of his followers and the integrity of the government he is building. His campaign...

My Open Letter to the International Documentary Association

As a member of the IDA, I received a heartening letter today, calling for members to comment on how this important organization to the world of documentary film can rally to support its community in light of recent events.  I want you to read this letter, and to send...

Black Giving Matters

I won’t beat around the bush: armchair activism terrifies me. You know the kind I’m talking about. The kind that involves people flooding their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds with outrage about social injustice, and that interrupts our regularly scheduled programming to sensationalize issues and hear what the pundits have to say. The kind that compels millions of concerned citizens to talk—often passionately— about what should happen, but that falls short of a meaningful response.

5 Indicators that Black Philanthropy Needs Our Help

When we embarked on our 2016 project, The Black Charity Finder, we only cared about our first major assumption: that people needed a better way to “give black”. Mainstream charity finders such as Charity Navigator and offer search resources that may be...