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Applying to Be Listed in our Database
Thank you for your interest in The Black Charity Finder. The goal of The Black Charity Finder is to maintain a complete and accurate database of charitable efforts with a primary benefit to African-Americans or the black community. It is a not-for-profit effort intended to serve as a public resource to encourage and facilitate black philanthropy.

Organizations that qualify must have a majority of direct beneficiaries who are black or African-American (e.g., UNCF, A Better Chance, Black Girls Code). Those without direct beneficiaries (e.g., The Whitney Plantation, Museum of the African Diaspora, Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation) must play a role in African-American historical/cultural preservation or must have an organized giving focus (i.e., giving circles, family trusts, grant-making foundations, or sororities, fraternities, or social clubs with a black community service focus).

Target Users
The Black Charity Finder is a user-friendly search database that will benefit the following audiences:

  • Prospective Donors. Individuals, giving circles, and grant makers.
  • Event-Seekers. Those looking to attend gatherings related to black philanthropy on a local or national scale.
  • Volunteers and Prospective Board Members. Those wishing to volunteer time or talent.
  • Service-Seekers. Black community members in search of services that may be available through a charitable organization.
  • Researchers. Institutions wishing to study black philanthropy.

Benefits of Certification
There are several tangible benefits to becoming certified:

Free Ancillary Marketing. Our large marketing budget and strong search engine rankings will attract tens of thousands of monthly users. Heavy traffic through The Black Charity Finder will make all member organizations more findable.

Tell Your Story and Promote Your Events. Our certified charity profile pages are designed to showcase your organization’s commitment to black communities, allowing searchers who care deeply about this group to learn about your contribution. You may also use your profile page to maintain a list of upcoming events.

Receive GBF Grants. The Give Black Foundation will distribute funds in excess of its operating reserve to certified organizations through an equitable grant program that rewards all of our members. We see no better way to demonstrate our commitment to supporting black communities than to support the organizations that have been vetted through our process.

Wear Our Badge. The Give Black Foundation will officially recognize certified organizations for their contribution to black communities via an annual certificate of recognition and exclusive rights for member organizations to feature a Give Black Foundation certification badge on their web sites.

Applications taken prior to August 1st, 2016 will be processed within one week of receipt. Approved organizations will be directed to build their profiles prior to the August web site launch and will see their listings go live at the time of the Black Charity Finder launch.

To apply, please submit your application fee below and await your (instant) confirmation e-mail. Your confirmation e-mail will contain a link that can be used to complete the application. Questions can be directed to, or may be addressed via our Black Charity Finder FAQs page.

Apply for Listing on The Black Charity Finder

Single Member: $30 | 25 or fewer chapters: $75 | > 25 chapters: $150

You will have the chance to choose which administrative fee applies to your application based on the size of your organization.