About The Black Charity Finder

Our Black Charity Finder is a not-for-profit, public-resource effort intended to encourage and facilitate black philanthropy among multiple stakeholders. Though several mainstream charity finders exist, most focus on keyword searches and governance rather than helping users find organizations with missions they care about. Our Black Charity Finder works differently by focusing on mission-based giving preferences as well as benefit to black communities.

Step 1: Search Charities that Align with Mission Preferences


Step 2: View List Results and Narrow by Additional Criteria

Step 3: Review Individual Charity Profile Pages


Step 4: Navigate to Individual Charity Web Sites


Target Users

  • Prospective Donors.  Individuals, giving circles, and institutional donors.
  • Event-Seekers.  Those looking to learn about gatherings and events related to black philanthropy on a local or national scale.
  • Volunteers and Prospective Board Members.  Those interested in volunteering time or talent.
  • Grant-Seeking Non-Profits.  Organizations looking for grant-makers with a focus on supporting black communities.
  • Services-Seekers. Members of the black community who are seeking specific services that may be available through a charitable organization.
  • Researchers.  Some researchers will benefit from using the tool independently; we will make available to researchers anonymized data about the black charitable landscape based on our database findings.

Our Screening Methodology
We conduct ongoing, exhaustive research to identify the thousands of charities focused on black communities, and follow up with outreach asking organizations that have passed our initial screening to apply for listing. The purpose of our formal application process is to ask these organizations to tell us more specifically about their focus on black communities, and to have us conduct a vetting process. We verify 501(c)(3) status, look for evidence that the focus on black communities presented in each application is consistent with the visible work of the organization, and look to three key metrics—% of beneficiary focus on black communities, % of blacks in key leadership roles, and % of blacks on the Board of Directors—to make a final determination. More information is available on our FAQs page.