STEM Tech Neighborhood Academy

1686 Marywood Road
Melbourne, Florida 32934
Our work support predominantly African American youth.
Black Community Focus
Blacks in Key Leadership
Board Members are Black

The National Technical Association (NTA) was established 1926 because of discrimination against African Americans pursuing technical professions. To date, inequities continue into the 21st century preventing African American children the opportunity to participate in STEM educational activities.
Our mission is to assure science and technology serve the needs of disadvantaged communities and inspire African American youth to improve academic performance and learn technical skills to pursue STEM-based technology as a career objective.
To achieve our mission, the NTA strive to form partnerships with corporations and philanthropic entities to enlighten them about the increasing inequities that continue to subjugate African American youth into a perpetual cycle of exclusion.
The NTA encourages realignment of philanthropic support to fast track resources directly into disadvantaged communities at-risk to maximize inclusion of African American youth into after-school STEM learning activities.

501(c)(3) Status