God’s Lovely Butterflies Maternity Home

2626 Southloop West
Suite 173
Houston, Texas 77047
We are dedicated to helping African American teenage mothers and single mothers in the community with baby items. We are a resource center. We help with baby items in emergency situations. Monthly diaper and wipes drives. August we give away backpacks to children in our community. November we give away food boxes to needy families in the community. December we have a community baby shower an give away items we collected to needy mothers.
Black Community Focus
Blacks in Key Leadership
Board Members are Black

Transforming teenage mothers to be the best independent caregivers they can be for their children. Educating and teaching them on the daily survival tools to make it in this diverse world. Supplying love and support in the home. Through guidance and dedication. Making sure every female become the Lovely Butterfly God called them to be.

501(c)(3) Status