Projects & Programs

The Give Black Foundation has a project-based operating model, and will continuously create and market a new set of long-lifespan assets that can be used for many years to further its mission.



Our 2016 Project: The Black Charity Finder

On average, African-Americans donate 25% more of their income than philanthropists of other races, yet no tool exists to help philanthropists find charities that benefit black communities. Our 2016 media project, the Black Charity Finder tool, will serve as an unprecedented and critically important public-use resource that will redefine and rejuvenate black philanthropy among a set of would-be users eager to find ways to “give black”. The tool was partially funded by a $20,000 grant from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and is a beautifully-executed, world-class online resource with mission-focused search functionality that surpasses any other charity finder in helping donors find organizations they are passionate about.

Beyond the development of the tool and the extensive research effort required to amass a comprehensive list of prospective black charities, ongoing program costs relate to maintenance and marketing. The Give Black Foundation will actively market the Black Charity Finder tool at perpetuity, with heightened emphasis in August (in honor of Black Philanthropy Month) and during Q4 of each year (peak season for charitable giving). We also maintain sufficient staff to conduct annual certification reviews of listed organizations, provide reporting results and technical support to certified charities, and manage the discovery of new organizations and the processing of new applications.


Our 2017 Project: Documentary Film “Charity Begins at Home: The Untold Story of Black Philanthropy”

“Charity Begins at Home” will be a feature-length documentary film that brings to light the untold history of black philanthropy in the United States. It will challenge beliefs about African-Americans as benefactors vs. beneficiaries, and will frame threats and opportunities related to the future of black giving. These assets will serve to educate the black community, the greater philanthropic community, and the general public about the rich history of black philanthropy while also discussing changes within the black community that have jeopardized traditional giving. Key themes include:

  • The long tradition of giving within the black community
  • Media portrayals of African-Americans as beneficiaries rather than as benefactors
  • Changes within the black community that threaten black philanthropy
  • The role of the greater charitable community in black philanthropy
  • Perpetuating a tradition of giving among new generation black philanthropists
  • Revitalizing and strengthening black philanthropy

These themes will be explored through historical accounts of black philanthropy, personal stories from current philanthropists, commentary from experts in black philanthropy and in the overall philanthropic ecosystem, and commentary from current leaders of black charities and black community movements who are well-positioned to comment on the current state of affairs. A full storyboard of the film is available and is being shared with film producers and individual funders who may be interested in the project. We are also seeking grant funding from organizations that support documentary film and activism in the arts. Please contact our Executive Director, Kim Webb Palacios ( if you are interested in learning more about the film.



Our 2018 Project: A Large-Scale Black Philanthropy Research Effort

Previous and current research studies on black philanthropy lend valuable insights around the charitable landscape for black charities but tend to be either small or local in scale. By December 2017, The Give Black Foundation endeavors to have identified at least 80% of all charitable organizations in the U.S. with a primary focus on black communities, and to use this database as a springboard for conducting unprecedented large-scale research. In 2018, we will publish a major research report that shares our findings about giving habits and engagement from data collected as part of The Black Charity Finder effort. We will also conduct secondary surveys sent to organizations within our database, which measures other topics of interest within the black philanthropy arena.

The focus of this effort will be not only charities with a critical mass of black beneficiaries, but also on organized black philanthropy, which is a critical element of the black philanthropy tradition. Along those lines, we will also involve giving circles, family foundations, black sororities and fraternities and social clubs with service orientation, and other grant-makers with a heavy focus on black communities.


Every Year: Smaller Media Projects

Beyond one major projects undertaken each year, we will continuously develop smaller media assets and utilize operating budget to promote them. These may include:

  • Short-form media assets, such as interactive infographics, short live videos and video whiteboards, social media campaigns, and other current and emerging digital formats that have high amplification value will be developed each year alongside major projects
  • Educational content for charities wishing to integrate new media elements into their own programs in order to capture other groups of philanthropists on their own behalf will find informative blog articles and videos about how to leverage certain assets and channels on
  • Research and Issues Amplification will disseminate knowledge of trends in black philanthropy by giving additional coverage and promotion to recent and forthcoming research data around black philanthropy