Our Mission

The Mission of The Give Black Foundation is to leverage technology and new media toward facilitating, invigorating, and telling the story of black philanthropy.

Interactive Tools

We develop high-tech resources that make it easier for prospective donors, volunteers, grant makers and researchers to find black charities.

Education Media

We make the untold stories of black philanthropy more accessible to mainstream audiences through the production and distribution of film, infographics, whiteboards and other high impact media.

Activism & Discourse

As one of the only organizations in America focused on black philanthropy at a national level, we raise issues related to black communities and diversity in giving that we are uniquely positioned to see.


We are the creators of the most comprehensive database of U.S. organizations focused on black philanthropy.  We track a unique set of metrics related to black community focus, and use our granular knowledge about the black charitable landscape to inform the greater philanthropic community about black giving.

Pulse Amplification

We have our finger on the pulse of black philanthropy, and we are committed to using our resources to disseminate information about news, events, and research related to black charities and black giving.

Why We Do It 

We believe that black philanthropy is in crisis.  Though African-Americans donate 25% more of their income than philanthropists of other races, traditional systems of giving within the black community are breaking down.  As large populations of African-Americans have moved away from black communities and left black churches in the 50+ years since desegregation, so also have charitable dollars and volunteer resources left those communities, causing the overall landscape of everyday black philanthropy to become more complex.

Institutional philanthropy and the overall philanthropic ecosystem is also failing to address the unique challenges of organizations serving black communities.  Though numerous foundations include black communities in their mission-focus, many of them fail to adopt grant making policies or to develop strategic and administrative approaches that position black charities, or black communities, for success.  Serious questions about the role of black leadership and decision participation as a critical element of black philanthropy is also a major philanthropy ecosystem challenge.

Yet, we believe that disengaged black philanthropists can be reactivated via modern channels that leverage technology and captivating media to drive awareness and access.   We also believe that the greater philanthropic community can be positively influenced to make smart changes in its approach to black philanthropy through better access to research and education around best practices.

Who We Do It For

The Give Black Foundation is an originator of compelling services and content that will fuel a new era of black philanthropy, educating and invigorating stakeholders in sorely-needed ways.

  • Individuals and Institutions Wishing to Support Black Communities.  Our Black Charity Finder is a user-friendly, highly-searchable database of organizations with a verified focus on benefiting black communities.  Users search organizations by issue or mission focus and narrow by other criteria, including sub-demographic, % focus on black communities, and type of help requested.
  • Community Members Looking for Services.  Our Black Charity Finder is also intended to be a research for community members looking for charitable organizations offering services.  Because of the issue and mission focus of the search mechanism, users can look for local or national organizations offering help they need.
  • Researchers Wishing to Understand Black Philanthropy.  Beyond maintaining a comprehensive database of black charities and organized black giving in the U.S. we track data related to their focus on black communities.  Apart from our landscape understanding via our internal KPIs, our ability to survey a comprehensive set of organizations focused on black philanthropy is unprecedented.
  • The Philanthropic Community At Large.  A core part of our mission is to tell the story of black philanthropy, and we view the greater philanthropic community—both individuals and institutions—as our audience.  We are committed to educating the philanthropy ecosystem around our findings in order to change the national conversation around black giving.