Events Sponsored by The Give Black Foundation

Black Philanthropy Month

August 1st-August 31st, 2016

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The Give Black Foundation is an official 2016 top-level sponsor of Black Philanthropy Month.  We stand in solidarity with other organizations working to create system-level solutions related to black giving at a national level.

About the Event:

August represents an important time in the global Black giving movement. Entering its sixth year of observance, Black Philanthropy Month (BPM 2016) is part of an unprecedented coordinated effort to strengthen African-American and African-descent giving in all its forms.

Jackie Copeland-Carson, PhD, founder of Black Philanthropy Month, notes, “Our giving has always been seed capital for community change. But with the pressing challenges facing us today, we need to do much more to strengthen our collective giving for the times. BPM 2016 kicks off a year-long revival of our community philanthropy. Black giving matters and we hope communities everywhere can join us to transform our future.”

Racial discord, disturbing shootings, microaggressions, overt indignities and pervasive inequities serve as continual reminders of why traditions of giving and collective action for human rights and social change have been vital in Black communities for centuries. As a campaign, Black Philanthropy Month 2016 will comprise activities—online and in communities—to inspire people to give in conscious and more strategic ways. Annually, BPM Architects mobilize a groundswell of self-organized events, media stories, community dialogue and charitable giving to bring about greater equality and to transform people’s lives for the better.

Plans for BPM 2016 celebrations throughout August are already underway. In Oregon, MRG Foundation is mounting pop-up exhibitions of “The Soul of Philanthropy” with programs in Portland and Eugene. United Way of Central Carolinas announced a series of “Giving Back” panel discussions with corporate partners in Charlotte, North Carolina. Pan African Women’s Philanthropy Network is organizing “New Black Voices” health forums across California. In the Washington, DC region, members of Black Benefactors giving circle are hosting community conversations to deepen knowledge on social issues. These and other observances will be profiled on, along with a comprehensive events calendar.

Tracey Webb, founder of Black Benefactors and former blogger at says, “The reach and impact of Black Philanthropy Month increase each year. It has evolved into a transformative campaign and holds even wider possibilities. Exercising the power of Black giving is my passion, and the stories illuminated every August remind me that there is solidarity and consequently I feel emboldened.”

BPM 2016 Campaign Partners are California Endowment and The Give Black Foundation, and more than a dozen philanthropic organizations are committed as Institutional Sponsors. For a full listing of sponsors, visit

Philanthropy in the Digital Age: Using Data to Understand and Optimize Performance

Saturday, October 1st, 2016 – 10:00AM-11:30AM

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Give Black Foundation Executive Director Kim Webb Palacios will give a workshop on digital media and philanthropy at the Community Investment Network Conference, held in Atlanta from September 30th to October 2nd, 2016.

About the Workshop:

Technology is changing the practice of giving, rising to meet a new generation of philanthropists in their natural habitat: online. From newsfeed ads and “Donate” functions on Facebook, to hashtagging causes on Twitter, to board matchmaking services such as Boardnet, the importance of digital media to building awareness, engagement and acquisition of charitable prospects is at an unprecedented high, and growing.

This workshop will explore the role that digital media play in modern day philanthropy, and the opportunity that charitable organizations, funders, and research institutions have to leverage digital metrics. We will discuss specific best practices used by digitally sophisticated organizations as well as methods for measuring impacts and effectively using information to differentiate and optimize approaches.

Finally, we will discuss the far-reaching benefits of digitally robust approaches and the role of data in helping stakeholders achieve their missions. Non-profits with good data save time and money by executing efficient outreach programs; they are also better-positioned to improve fundraising by showing data-supported impacts. Funders equipped with digital metrics are better-positioned to gain transparency around program performance. And researchers with an understanding of digital analytics gain exposure to standardized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that allow for apples-to-apples measurement.